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Central Outdoor Services, Inc

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For over twenty years we have provided exceptional services to a wide range of commercial properties; including large corporate campuses, office parks, retail shopping centers, apartments, and residential properties.

We cultivate your image and your bottom line....

Your landscape is the face your business presents to the public. It evokes a mood and makes a statement-using shape and color, foliage and flowers, water and stone to welcome visitors. It can impress clients and competitors, delight tenants and inspire employees. At Central Outdoor Services, we know how much you have invested in your landscape and your image. We focus on your big picture while helping you achieve your goals in the most cost-effective way. We plan wisely, think outside the box and anticipate problems. We sweat the details. And we provide fast, excellent service.

You are not a number to us but a Client for Life....

We specialize in providing personal service that only a company headquartered in New York is capable of providing.  Our years of experience uniquely qualify us to provide exceptional service within budget and more importantly results that NO systematic process can achieve.  With us you will work with our dedicated team of professional not a process.

As long as grass grows, landscapes are watered and snow falls you will NEVER be a number with Central Outdoor Services but a Client for Life.